Top 3 most expensive brands of the world in 2018

Interbrand agency has published a new edition of its ranking of the most expensive brands in the world. The largest representation in the ranking were brands of the automotive industry, high-tech sectors and financial services. According to the dynamics of growth in the value of the brand, the leaders were manufacturers of luxury goods.

  1. Apple

Cost: $214,480 million

Change from last year: +16%

Today, Apple is one of the leaders in the global IT industry, a manufacturer of computers, laptops, media players and various software.

The company is one of the pioneers of the industry, a pioneer in many areas: the first truly personal computers, the first multi-color displays on a PC, the first operating systems with a graphical interface, the first computers with mouse support, the first personal audio player, the first online music store, and so on.

  1. Google

Cost: $155,506 million

Change from last year: +10%

The Google brand begins its history with the registration of Google Inc. January 7, 1998 in the city of Menlo Park, California, USA. The company was founded by Stanford University graduate students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The name Google is the variant of spelling of the English word googol, a mathematical term for a number consisting of one and one hundred zeros. The name reflects the purpose of the company – the creation of an infinitely huge database to find the necessary information.

  1. Amazon

Cost: $100,764 million

Change from last year: +56%

The history of this largest online store began on July 16, 1995. It was created by businessman Jeff Bezos. Initially, only books were sold there. Later, by 1998, the range was expanded: first, audio and then video were added to it.

Today, offers to its visitors several dozen different categories of products, including also electronics, clothing, sports goods, and even food.


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