Self-portraits 1965 PDF

Simon a depuis trouvé beaucoup d’autres dont le travail avait été également «signé».

One of the major artists of our century, Roman Opalka will turn eighty this year. Several large-scale exhibitions of the artist’s work are being held in celebration of this major event first in Venice, during the Biennale, then in France.
At the same time, Roman Opalka decided to publish a monumental book, SELF-PORTRAITS 1965, containing the iconic series of his self-portraits.
Arranged in eleven, large foldouts, printed full-scale (9 ½ x 12 in.), these Self-Portraits parallel Roman Opalka’s life and artistic approach since 1965. The artist wanted the blank pages placed between the series of photographs to suggest the space he would have given them had they been displayed in an exhibition.
Accompanying the foldouts is an essential text by Roman Opalka on his approach, as well as two poems by the great American poet David Shapiro, meant as a dialogue with Opalka s work. Art critic Bozena Kowalska, who specializes in the artist’s work, offers a passionate description of ‘Opalka’s unique concept, his mocking way of getting even with time.’ The eminent François Barré has written a sensitive, finely tuned text on his view of the ‘self-portrait of time, a landscape of decline.’
And finally, this work includes a recording of the artist intoning the numbers he paints. Three different versions are available (English, French and Polish).

Mais, en 1967, dans un acte de confiance croissante, Warhol élargit l’image en un format imposant de 6 pieds carrés. C’est une peinture de la conscience de soi aliénée et anxieuse. En 1995, il a également créé le comité d’authentification pour surveiller le marché.-}

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