La Fausse Maitresse (The Imaginary Mistress) [French English Bilingual Edition] – Paragraph-by-Paragraph Translation PDF

Faux! Le même mot signifie différentes choses dans différents contextes.

La Fausse Maitresse (The Imaginary Mistress)
by Honoré de Balzac

La Fausse Maîtresse (The Imaginary Mistress), also known as Paz, was published in 1843. It belongs to the Scènes de la Vie Privée (Scenes from Private Life) subseries of the Comédie Humaine. It depicts the French society in the period of the Restoration and the July Monarchy (1815-1548).
In the novel, a young Parisian woman marries Count Laginsky, who has a close friend Paz. The woman hears a lot about him during her honeymoon, and finally meets him. When Paz, who is utterly loyal to the count, discovers this attraction, he needs to find a solution to the problem.
One of the few comedies of the great masterpiece of Balzac called Comédie Humaine.

About the Author
Honoré de Balzac (20 May 1799 – 18 August 1850) was a French novelist and playwright. In 1832, he conceived a project of writing a collection of books that would describe all aspects of society. Originally called Etudes des Mœurs (Study of Mores), it eventually became known as La Comédie Humaine, which became a slice of French life in the years after the fall of Napoleon. Honoré de Balzac’s attention to detail and realist representation of society earns him the title of one of the founders of realism in European literature. His characters are complex, and not easy to pigeonhole (like real life). He influenced writers such Marcel Proust, Émile Zola, Charles Dickens, Edgar Allan Poe, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Gustave Flaubert, Henry James, William Faulkner, Jack Kerouac, and Italo Calvino.

Project Bilingual (A division of Wolf Pup Books) is a continuing project making available great original French writers’ texts along with their English translation. This edition, which offers after every original language paragraph its translation, makes both grammar and vocabulary checks as painless as possible. Idiomatic forms that could be overlooked can be easily detected.
Furthermore, large paragraphs have been broken down to much smaller units so that the check is as effortless as possible. We do hope that by reading French writers that defined the language itself or whose work permeated the French culture, you will be able to get the maximum benefit from this language series. Although this edition is not a replacement for traditional methods of learning language, it is a very powerful tool to speed up the process once you have attained the intermediate level and beyond.
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